Biotor biomass 2.0: Torrefaction
Torrefaction is a new technique where biomass is basically roasted. This is best compared with roasting coffee beans. All harmful gases present are extracted from the biomass, resulting in a much cleaner and higher-quality end product. Because of this new technology, biomass that was not suitable for use in a power plant or pellet stove can now be used.

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Biotor Torrefaction
Biotor Torrefaction
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The problem: A lot of biomass such as manure, reed, hay, straw, etc. is not used because it is not suitable in original form for generating CO2-neutral energy (combustion). At the same time, trees and wood are mainly imported from overseas to meet the increasing demand for suitable biomass.

Unused biomass rots and causes, among other things, release of methane, a gas with a strong greenhouse effect.

Importing suitable biomass causes unnecessary chopping of trees and extra (logistical) CO2 emissions.


The solution: Torrefaction. The Torrefaction technique processes carbon-containing biomass into suitable biomass for generation of CO2-neutral energy.

All biomass flows are used for CO2-neutral energy generation; methane release is severely limited.

Import of suitable biomass are limited> strong decline in chopping of trees and logistic CO2 emissions.


The challenge: Torrefaction at the source. Torrefaction gets used now in a limited and centralized manner. Biomass streams at micro and meso levels therefore remain out of view and are unused. The revolutionary Torrefaction installation, developed by Biotor, is ideally suited for small-scale use. The goal of Biotor is to bring producers and buyers of biomass regionally together > decentralized delivery and purchase. Biotor wants to achieve this by:

The launch of a national platform where demand for and supply of all biomass flows come together

Design of a wide network of Biotor Torrefaction installations

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Biotor Technology
The pillar under the entire concept is the torrefaction installation developed by Biotor. Normally, only wood pellets can be burned in a pellet stove or coal-fired power station, because other types of biomass have too little calorific value or have too high a humidity level. By thermally changing the biomass, it becomes homogeneous and hydrophobic and can easily be processed into pellets or briquettes after the production process.

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Biotor Pellets 
The difference between biomass pellets and traditional wood pellets lies mainly in the fact that the biomass raw material is first thermally treated at a temperature of around 300 degrees. This changes the composition of the biomass into a homogeneous and brittle product. The combustible gas that is released during this processing is used to maintain the process.

Biotor Biomass Trading
Biotor wants to launch a biomass platform, with the aim of bringing supply and demand of biomass residual streams closer together. On the one hand, individuals / companies will possibly pay a small amount for good biomass and on the other hand, after having made biomass pellets, these will be offered on the platform.

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Biotor Franchise 
Biotor wants to work with franchisees who have the right to each develop their own region. Agreements are made for this with respect to fees, region, quality, cost of sales price and licenses. This franchise business form allows Biotor to grow and develop rapidly and to take the market directly in this new niche environment.

Become a franchise entrepreneur of Biotor and collaborate on sustainable and clean energy solutions. For more information you can request our franchise prospectus free of obligation via



Biotor decentralizes biomass and makes biomass 2.0 transparent for the future. With our new technology, we are upgrading biomass to clean energy.



Establishment Biotor B.V.


Research and build various pilot plans


Presale Biotor biomass tokens


Biotor biomass tokens sale


Build first large-scale production line


Test phase production line


Construction pellet and briquetting factory


Start selling pellets and briquettes


Start Biotor Franchise worldwide
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