Cryptocurrencies are penetrating our everyday lives, every business, industry and the entire universe on a global terms. Ideally, upcoming cryptos are developed to attend to some problems and provide appropriate solutions in that regard. The truth is, some businesses are suffering in silence or better still, can't find the most probable solution to the existent problems in their operations. In fact, many of them have tried several technology means as a way out but to no avail. Thus, Biotor wakes up to this occasion, among many others to provide some interesting benefits to concerned businesses.

There is an urge to save the world and in all manners, some attempts have been taken in that respect. Meanwhile, there is one more problems that abounds in the system. The non-suitability of many biomass like manure, reed, hay, stray and others in its original form for the purpose of generating CO2-neutral energy or better put, combustion, is one problem that the nature is yet to totally solve. Also, the demand for suitable biomass is on high, therefore, trees and wood are exhaustively imported from overseas to meet the demand. Similarly, the unused biomass has another shortcoming, even as it rots and has a negative impact on the environment, specifically in terms of greenhouse effect. Not only that, some extra CO2 are being emitted and unnecessary trees chopped, as a result of importing suitable biomass.

The solution brought forth by Biotor is evident in the development of Torrefaction, which is a technique that processes carbon-containing biomass into more suitable biomass for the purpose of generating CO2-neutral energy. With this, the entirety of the biomass flows are deployed for generating CO2-neutral energy, which sees to the release of methane in a limited quantity. In addition, there is a limit to how much suitable biomass would be exported since the introduction of this concept and at the same time, logistic CO2 emissions are reduced and there is a decline in chopping of trees.

Now, these problems are in the system already. Meanwhile, in a bid to proffer some solutions with cryptocurrency, Torrefaction was introduced to the source. The challenge however remains the limited and centralized use of Torrefaction. At micro and meso levels, the Biomass streams are out of view and remain unused. In fact, the Torrefaction as developed by Biotor is suitable for small-scale purpose. Thus, the need to bring in producers and buyers of biomass on a regional basis. Hence, Biotor still sees a need to launch a national platform where the demand for and supply of biomass flows intersect. At the end, a wide network of Biotor Torrefaction installations is in view to be designed to meet the challenge.

Biotor combines several technology on the cryptocurrency platform to execute its solutions and achieve its goal. Some of these are the Biotor Technology, Biotor Pellets, Biotor Biomass Trading and the Biotor Franchise. Essentially, Biotor is offering a platform for interested persons or companies to become a franchise entrepreneur and collaborate with her for the purpose of ensuring a sustainable and clean energy environment. More so, the biomass market is decentralized and biomass 2.0 is made transparent for the future, which ensures that there is an appreciable upgrading of biomass to clean energy.

Developed by a set of professionals and skilled individuals, Biotor is here to offer a change into the world of biomass with a technology-inclined solution that guarantees a safe and clean environment. Get your own Biotor Biomass Token already.